Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fix Netflix Install Silverlight Problem

    There is two possible fixes for Netflix to not recognizing Silverlight and prompt you to install Silverlight. To fix the most common problem where Silverlight isn't recognized by Netflix problem by resetting Internet Explorer under the Advance Tab of Internet Options in Windows.  Resetting Internet Explorer will fix the install Silverlight error for Chrome and Firefox. If this doesn't fix the install Silverlight prompt issue your Browsers Silverlight Plugin is Disable or Silverlight will need to reinstalled.  

To Reset Internet Explorer Settings

Windows XP
Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Advanced Tab > Reset Internet Explorer Settings

Windows 7 / Vista 
Windows Key/Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Internet Options > Advanced Tab > Reset Internet Explorer Settings

Windows 8 
Windows key and type "Internet Options" > Advance Tab > Reset Internet Explorer Settings

To Enable Silverlight Plug 

Internet Explorer 
Tools > Manage Add-ons >  on the Show: Drop down select All add-ons  > Select Microsoft Silverlight and Enable 

Wrench > Settings > click Show Advance Settings > under Privacy > click Content Settings > Under Plug-ins > Click Disable Individual Plug-ins > Scroll Down to Silverlight and click Enable  

Tools > Add-ons > Plugins > Scroll down to Silverlight plugin and Enable  

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fix Netflix Green Screens & c00d**** Errors most commonly c00d1197

A quick fix for Netflix DRM errors and Green Screens issues is the Netflix Reset DRM Utility and a quick   reboot. Some of the common DRM Error codes for this problem are C00D1197 C00D1199,  C00D2748, C00D11AA, C00D11AB, C00D11A6,  C00D11B0,  C00D11B1,  C00D11B3, C00D11B5,  C00D11B6, C00D11B8, C00D11C3, C00D11C5, C00D11C6, C00D11C7,  C00D11C8, C00D11C9, C00D11D0, C00D11D2, and C00D11DA. Two Major caveats, First, this Utility is resetting Microsoft DRM and the reset will affect other files and programs that use Microsoft DRM, use at your own risk.  Second make sure Windows Media Players is updated, this utility will not fix issues like error c00d11cc.    
The Netflix Reset DRM utility can be downloaded from Netflix at

Run resetdrm.exe. 

Reboot the Computer.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Solution, Netflix stuck at 98% loading.

Internet Options Advance Tab


     Netflix gets stuck loading at various percentages but most appear at 98% or 99%. I'm suspicious that most Netflix Loading issues are just due to DRM issues. There is little documentation and few solutions for loading problems online. Most of the typical Netflix fixes like uninstall/reinstalling Silverlight, Clearing browser caches and Silverlight, or deleting mspr.hds file don't solve loading problems. Loading problems occurs across Browsers and calls to Netflix support can be unhelpful with this particular issue without an error code. I don't know exactly why this solution works but simply Reseting Internet Explorer Settings under the Advance tab of Internet Options which can be accessed from either Control Panel or Internet Explorer solved the stuck at 98% problem for me. Maybe, this post might save someone calls to Netflix and Microsoft.   

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Quick Netflix DRM Error Fix

Quick Fix Netflix DRM errors like n8156 errors  

DRM errors can be caused by incorrect system date. I ran into this error by over aggressive use registry cleaners, like ccleaner.  

Windows XP / Vista
Closer browser
You may need to make hidden files visible 
In any explorer window like My Computer
click Tools on the Menu
Click View tab 
Select Show hidden files and folders
Click Apply
Delete or rename mspr.hds in hidden folder
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\PlayReady
Restart Browser and Netflix

Windows 7
Closer browser
Delete or rename mspr.hds in hidden folder
Restart Browser and Netflix

Windows 8
Closer browser
Delete or rename mspr.hds in hidden folder 
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\PlayReady or C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\PlayReadySilverlight
Restart Browser and Netflix

Mac OS X
Closer browser
You may need to show hidden files with Command+Shift+. or Command+Shift+Period
Delete or rename mspr.hds in folder.
/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/PlayReady/
Restart Browser and Netflix